Asset Management

There is a myriad of issues with property, such as legislative requirements or just repairs and maintenance. To maintain and add value to a building or portfolio of buildings, they need to be managed with regards to both legislation compliance and ongoing maintenance and upkeep.

Legislation concerning buildings, especially older buildings where Asbestos is thrown into the mix, has been poorly publicised by the Government and associated bodies in the past. Thus a lot of building owners do not know or are unsure as to the extent of their legal responsibilities when it comes to building management. This can lead to a lot of building owners “burying their heads in the sand” and only addressing the issue or issues inefficiently, on an ad hoc basis or when it is too late – leading to an expensive remedy.

All buildings require maintenance, however a lot of building owners spend small fortunes on maintaining their buildings via the reactive method, ie. only repairing the building when it is in disrepair. Studies and current practice have shown that planned maintenance, ie. undertaking repairs or replacement works before building materials ultimately fail, is more cost effective to the building owner.

Jones Melling Limited offer a wide range of Asset Management services as listed on the left, all including a brief service descriptions. Each of the services can either be independent or carried out cumulatively.