Planned Preventative Maintenance

Our Planned Preventative Maintenance reports and schedules (PPMs) enable Building Occupiers or Landlords to prepare budgets or set service charges on the basis of identified and future maintenance costs.

This service includes the preparation of a report on the anticipated life of each element of a building, together with repair or replacement costs. Repairing covenants, length of the term and possible dilapidations liabilities are all taken into account.

The report forms the basis of a rolling programme from which we can implement planned maintenance and monitor the building and the materials it is created from. Typical PPMs are set out over either a 5, 10 or 15 year period from the date of initial survey, however, different time scales can be utilised at the request of the Client.

Once the PPM has been issued to the Client, this document should not just sit on a shelf and gather dust. It should be referred to regularly and reviewed at least on a 3 yearly period so that it may be updated taking into account economic trends, Client finances, change of use, etc.

Jones Melling Limited provide a “one-stop” service for Planned Preventative Maintenance. We can either provide a one off service or be retained to provide updates as the months and years progress. Please contact us for more information.