Building Pathology Services

The scientific and analytical analysis of building defects is necessary to understand the cause of component failure and the condition, strength and durability of the building elements. The assessment of failure, or non-compliance with specification, has increasingly become a pre-requisite of dispute resolution and litigation.

Jones Melling Limited has over 50 years experience with working with numerous forms of construction and materials, and have seen and dealt with a vast range of defects arising from poor installation, poor workmanship, defective materials and other parties trying to cut corners.

Jones Melling Limited can provide advise on current condition, analysis and rectification of defects, and if everything else fails, expert witness services so as to ensure that the defect is rectified and cost apportioned to the original source of the defect, be it a Landlord, Tenant, Contractor, other Professional or Developer.

We look forward to hearing from you to discuss prospective projects or just to provide a bit of additional advice.