Condition Surveys

There are numerous forms of Condition Survey, being known by differing titles such as Building Surveys, Pre-Acquisition Surveys, Structural Surveys, Schedules of Condition and such like. However, each type should report on two basic details, ie. what the current condition of the building or buildings is and what works are required to rectify any defects noted.

Other forms of Condition Surveys are detailed under their respective titles in different sections of this website. This section details the most simplistic which reports on the condition of a building at a specific point in time. This involves a detailed survey and inspection of the building to report on the condition of its various elements. The report is based on the review and use of numerous photographs and detailed descriptions and is mostly used and commissioned at the commencement of a Lease, prior to the commencement of building works in an adjacent room, area or building or as part of a Party Wall Agreement. Whichever survey is required however, each survey is unique due to Client requirements, building differences, type of building, age, location and such like.

Jones Melling Limited aim to tailor each survey to each individual Survey to our Client’s requirements. If you would like any further information or discuss a specific project, then please contact us.