Expert Witness / Suitability Reports

Disagreement and dispute can often arise as a result of inadequate instructions, poor administration and difference of interpretation. Disputes are costly in terms of resource, time and financial implication. Expert advice from a Building Surveyor can avoid or minimise the risk of potential disputes.

Where there is potential for a dispute or a dispute has arisen in respect of recently constructed buildings, surveys by other parties, inherent or latent defects, a Building Surveyor is the ideal choice as an Expert Witness.

Not all Expert Witness Reports are instructed and compiled due to a dispute. Suitability Reports are a form of Expert Witness Report where a document is required by the Court to determine whether works, purchase of a property, or similar are required, and / or are cost effective. Jones Melling Limited can provide reports that are un-biased and are factual to the specific case in hand.

We can investigate, analyse and advise to meet our Client’s requirements. We can compile comprehensive and detailed defect analysis reports, Scott schedules and other associated documentation, all prepared by highly qualified experienced staff to meet our Clients needs.