Boundary Disputes

Title Plans should exist for all properties, plots of land and such like. However this is not always the case, and even if they do exist disputes arise for a myriad of reasons, such as “Gentlemen’s Agreements” being conveniently forgotten at the most inappropriate times; the filling in of a ditch; the erection of a new fence; the building of a wall or extension; or at point of sale of a property when the Solicitor’s searches come back and there is a discrepancy in the boundary line.

This can be a highly emotional situation for the parties concerned from which Jones Melling Limited aim to ratify through a grounded thought process supported by the various investigations and surveys involved in rectifying the problem. We make sure that it is not the boundary and that the line is confirmed in a speedy and appropriate way.

If you have any further queries on this matter or have a specific project in mind please contact us.