Employer’s Agent

In modern construction the Design & Build procurement route is often utilised in lieu of Traditional procurement routes.

The Employer’s Agent has a vital role in communicating the Employer’s requirements and ensuring that the Project Team operate collaboratively in delivering the project.

The modern Employer’s Agent role varies widely in relation to how the Client wants them to operate and what the services of the other members of the Project Team are.

There is also a minefield of legislation which can complicate the role further, for these reasons the appointment of an astute Employer’s Agent can be a crucial decision.

Jones Melling Limited have nationwide experience operating with Clients of varying sizes and types delivering a wide array of projects. We adopt a bespoke and flexible approach to our Employer’s Agent role providing our Clients with a peace of mind service to suit any project.

For more information on this service or if you would like to discuss a specific project, then please do not hesitate to contact us