Schedules of Condition

Schedules of Condition are undertaken in order to determine the condition of a property asset so that any existing defects and their repair costs are identified prior to any commencement of work.

Depending upon the Client’s requirements, the Schedule can record the asset’s principal features only, or may be prepared to a very high level of technical detail. A Schedule of Condition may be compiled for a number of purposes, including:

  • As an attachment to a lease, to limit a tenant’s Dilapidations liability at lease end. This usually comprises a photographic Schedule of Condition to detail the condition of the property at a certain point in time and does not include any provision for repair costs and such like.
  • By the commissioning or non-commissioning parties prior to execution of building works. This Schedule is likely to detail the condition of part of a building that is adjacent to a proposed area of building works, but is not to be worked on. The Schedule will determine its condition prior to commencement of the works and assist with both parties returning the area to the exact same condition upon completion of the works.
  • In support of Party Wall Awards / Scaffold Licences / Crane Over-Sailing Licences. This Schedule would detail the condition of a property adjoining another site or building that is about to be worked on. It details the condition so that it can be checked off on completion of the works and if any damage has occurred that this is rectified.

There are many more examples of where Schedules of Condition are used, some of which are covered in other sections of this website. Ultimately each Schedule is different, from which we at Jones Melling Limited tailor each one produced to the respective Client’s, site’s, building’s or project’s needs.