Residential Surveys

The purchase of a residential property in most cases is the largest financial outlay in a individual’s life. Therefore this purchase needs to be an informed one. Jones Melling Limited provide a number of services to Residential Property Owners and Purchasers to aid in this transaction, most specifically Homebuyer and Residential Building Surveys. Other services provided to the Residential market are highlighted in other sectors of the “Our Services” section of this website.

A Survey of a property prior to completing the purchase can be of crucial importance. Home Information Packs (HIPs) are now a legal requirement when selling a property. These documents provide a high level assessment of the building and as such purchasing a property on the basis of this alone can be a risky process to follow. The outlay of a few hundred pounds on a Homebuyers Survey or a Residential Building Survey (especially now the new Homebuyer Survey has been released by the RICS) is a wise decision by the prospective residential property purchaser – it may well save them thousands of pounds in the long run.

Detailed to the left are Homebuyer Surveys and Residential Building Surveys. Please browse through these sections and contact us for further information.