quantityQuantity Surveying is the management and control of the financial and procurement processes associated with Construction.

The earlier this role is introduced to a scheme, the more opportunity there will be for establishing the various mechanisms and management tools to aid the successful financial delivery of a Project.

There are various stages throughout a project that will benefit from a Quantity Surveying role, while our shared in-house experience allows us to provide a very real Quantity Surveying Service.

The stages at which Quantity Surveying matters range from the decision of what to build and where, an assessment of what quality the end product will need to be and the financial implications, to what procurement route is most suitable for the scheme, consultant appointments, etc.

As such we have developed our Quantity Surveying Service as either a full role, or a segregated one that can be adopted at the various stages as required by our Clients, each of these is identified seperately as part of the sections in the menu to the left.

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